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I’m Deirdre, founder of StepUpStepIn. I am a mother, daughter, sister and loving loyal friend.  However, as a professional woman, my greatest joy in life is to see all women shine with confidence in both their professional and personal lives.

I live in the vibrant city of Dublin at the center of Europe’s tech hub. I have spent the last 25 years leading teams and individuals through organisational and transformational change. My background is in the Technology Industry working at LinkedIn, IBM and Oracle in a range of senior leadership roles.

Throughout my career, I’ve made conscious efforts to champion those around me, however I observed that majority of the women I worked with needed extra guidance to help find their voice or overcome their self-limiting beliefs.

This passion has now become my purpose and I took the brave decision to leave the high paced corporate world. When I am not practising yoga, mediating or jumping into the Irish Sea, I am investing my time in coaching women. I now understand more than ever the need to create successful careers that positively impact them, their teams and the organisation. I draw on my extensive wealth of knowledge and experience from my own career.

As a Career and Confidence Coach, my style is to dance in the moment which allows greater flexibility of coaching and creates an environment for a deeper response to emerge.

Areas of Expertise Include :

Career Acceleration progam
Taming the Imposter gremlins
Communicating with confidence
Building your Personal Brand
Executive and Virtual Presence


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