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A Female Centric Programme
to Help your Career Flourish

Nearly 40% of women's confidence and courage has declined during Covid-19.


Considering just how many hours of our lives we spend working, our careers significantly determine the levels of happiness, satisfaction, well-being and purpose that we feel each day.

And yet, so many women are miserable in their careers: feeling stuck in a job that no longer inspires them; lacking the tools, connections or confidence to go for what they really want; or just running on the treadmill so fast and desperately trying not to fall off in the hustle of trying to do it all.

I get this on a very personal level – it’s how I spent a large part of my corporate career as a single working mother trying to keep both my sanity and health in check (often failing miserably…)

Raising Your Horizon is an amazing programme to be a part of if you’re at the start of your career, but also if you feel a bit stuck in your work environment.

This programme will give you that extra guidance to help you overcome your self-limiting beliefs so that you can aim higher

in your professional and personal life.

Clients Testimonials

"Really enjoyed the workshop with Deirdre and meeting the attendees. Everyone had their own story and experience to share leading to frank discussions and exchanges."

Sorcha Ni Scolai


"I've recently completed the Raising Your Horizon learning programme with Deirdre McGinn. It was a fantastic programme geared towards women and I would highly recommend this course to others. It has helped me identify what I want from my career and has given me the tools to feel more confident in my abilities. The course enabled me to see the unique strengths I already have, it has also encouraged me to be brave by embracing new traits outside of my comfort zone. I now feel confident that I can continue to progress in my career while remaining true to my character. Deirdre has created a wonderful platform for women to come together and encourage one another."

Niamh Reville


"Great course that guided me through some much needed self-reflection and armed me with useful methods and actions to focus on for my future development."

Beth Dormer


"This course taught me so much about myself, made me really understand what I want to achieve and how to do it. It put me outside of my comfort zone and made me really grow. It's an amazing thing to be a part of if you're at the start of your career, but also if you feel a bit stuck in your work environment. The positivity was always present and the atmosphere was amazing. There's nothing women can't do when we help each other and this course proved it. Thank you and I hope I will have an opportunity to learn from you again!"

Katarina Zibar


"Deirdre is engaging, energetic and calming all at once. I have learned to identify my inner critic and to counteract this to build confidence both personally and professionally. The course has helped me to think about my career and personal life in a new and refreshing way. I would highly recommend it."

Avril Alcala


"I have learnt to say 'no' which is now a really powerful tool."

Margo Grogan


"Very enjoyable and good to connect with other women in similiar situations who can relate. I learnt to be more confident and 10% braver! Always be present!"

Helena Kelleher


"I loved the programme, thanks Deirdre. I found getting the workbook in advance really helpful. Is there any plan to expand this and run in face-to-face, when possible?"

Eithne O’Farrell


This Programme is for

Why choose This Programme?

Career Vision

Identify your purpose at work.


Identify ways to close your confidence gap.

Personal Brand

Align your personal brand with your career vision.

Authentic Power

Step into your power with confidence.

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Programme Modules

Portrait Of Two Women Running Creative Business In Studio Together
 Module 1 
Tell me what you want,
what you really really want…!

In this Module you will learn to:

Two young happy businesswomen celebrating project success in modern office
Module 2 
Taming the Gremlins


In this Module you will learn to:

Happy diverse businesswoman using a digital tablet
Module 3 
Shine your light through your Personal Brand

In this Module you will learn to:

Top view of happy young trendy woman raising her hands up over a gray street paving stone background
Module 4 
Emerge & Raise Your Horizon

In this Module you will learn to:

What it will look like:


Building a career you love takes work, and it takes positive intention and strategy. By working through these modules and putting the right plans in place, you really can have the career you dream about.

If you’re ready to build a career you love, then snap up one of the 10 places for our next ‘Raising your Horizon’ programme.

It truly is a life changing programme and journey for those who are ready.

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